Thursday, June 2, 2011


Remember this guy? Boy, how I love this dog! He used to play with Vendi all the time. (Now, before you fall head-over-heels in love with Vendi's goofy grin, she needs an experienced Pit Bull loving home! She's an energetic handful, but she's worth the love training you invest in her, believe me!)

Anyway, Bandit had been with us since Christmas of 2009. Why? I can't say - he's one of those belly-rub-loving, friendly, cuddly, playful dogs who likes other dogs. He's certainly a handsome boy. He stole a million hearts along the way, too.

But no one was as interested as one family who came to see him in Spring of 2010. They fell in love (who wouldn't, honestly). But the timing wasn't right and they couldn't take him home. Oh, well. An opportunity missed. Back to the kennel, Bandit.

Well, in March of 2011, they contacted us again. They had rented a house and saw that Bandit was still available. Could they see him again? ABSOLUTELY!

It was as if Bandit remembered them. They all "clicked" and everyone just knew it was right. A few weeks later, Bandit moved into his new home, has a next door doggy neighbor to play with, and is now living the good life! And he deserves it!

Bandit in his new home

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