Saturday, June 11, 2011

"StubbyDog" Features Our Own Volunteer!

PAWS volunteer Sue Smith and her gorgeous pit bull
and PAWS graduate Truffle
StubbyDog is an organization dedicated to changing the way pit bulls are perceived by the public. They hope that their approach of "changing the conversation" - taking it from negative and apologetic to positive and educational - will help to save some of the million plus pit bulls who are being killed in shelters every year.

StubbyDog also brings to light the problems people face just by having a pit bull as a companion. From pit bulls who are service and therapy dogs to people who can't find housing because of the type of pet they have.

Recently, StubbyDog learned about the issue our volunteer Sue Smith faced when her husband Steve's job took him to London. But, as Sue quickly learned, London doesn't "take" pit bulls! Here is what Sue and Steve had to do to keep their family together. (By the way, we're proud to say gorgeous Truffle is a PAWS graduate!)

1 comment:

meowmeowmans said...

We love Truffle! We never knew this about Sue and Steve. Thank goodness for them and Truffle they were able to so this. :)

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