Monday, April 27, 2009

Adoption Update - BP

BP, now Lola, came to us as a puppy - a snuggly, playful, crazy little puppy. She's now three years old and 60 lbs.!

Here's an update from her parents:

Well, Lola just turned 3 on April 1st. She's about 60 pounds of chiseled muscle like steel and very healthy.

She's a mush ball with people - can't get enough of people! She is simply beautiful and beyond adorable.

She had a professional trainer for about 9 months (or maybe it was us who got trained!). (He even said she could be a therapy dog with adults). She still plays with multiple balls at a time, and gets 2 tennis balls in her mouth. She has become quite adept at using her paws much like soccer. Lola believes her balls are alive!

She is brilliant. Has a very large vocabulary and sensitive to human emotions
She also loves running, jumping, tugging, pulling, digging... all the usual dog stuff. (we're thinking about putting in an obstacle course for her.)

Some noteworthy achievements:
She's a jumper: she can jump from standing position up to 7 feet in the air.
Excellent watch dog - very alert.
A total diva. Also a tomboy. No fear whatsoever. But doesn't like to be alone too much.
Sleeps with us in our bed.
She lives with us on our new farm with 15 acres. No fear of the critters (deer, coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, etc.). Naturally, she does not like them on her property.
Lola also goes everywhere with my husband, who is retired. So, she is with him every day, all day.
Lola is also known for stopping cars and getting beeped at. People spontaneously call out "what a beautiful and cute dog" or "Hi, Lola. How are you? Sometimes I think she has more friends than we do.


How I LOVE happy endings!

Adoption Update - Kelsey

Kelsey came in for a visit with her dad! I don't think I've ever seen a man as happy. Or a dog! He and Kelsey are two peas in a pod!


One thing I hate is when a great dog is overlooked. Apple is one of those dogs.

Let me tell you about Apple. This great little guy can run with the greyhounds. He can sniff with the bloodhounds. He can jump with the kangaroos.

But the one annoying thing he does, or rather doesn't do, is bark. At the right time! Sure he barks, he just never barks when people are around. So no one knows he's there. Quiet as a mouse. No one would ever know that this gorgeous creature is located in the hallway room, right behind the reception desk.

Silly dog. Look at that grin. Now bark!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Oh, my goodness! Where do I start with my little piglet Melody! I loooove this girl.

Cuddles, kisses, fetch, belly rubs - SCRATCH MY BELLY - play ball; she does it all. And she loves other dogs, too!

From the moment she came in, you could tell she was special. She also has this quirk of falling asleep with the tip of her very pink tongue sticking out of her mouth.

Melody is great with kids, from infants to young adults, gets along with other dogs (we don't know about cats), and as I said, loves to cuddle.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE THIS GIRL?!


Lilly, a Lab mix, is probably the sweetest dog I've ever met. And I really mean this.

She has lived with infants, and I would absolutely trust her with a baby. A baby tugging her tail, poking her in the eyes, doing whatever babies do. She's that kind of dog. So tolerant and loving.

When you walk in the room, she perks right up and smiles with her eyes. I know that sounds weird, but it's true! You can feel the love emanating from this girl!

Lilly is about 3 1/2 years old, and is waiting for the perfect family to love who will love her right back.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Maggie & Casey

Talk about Golden Girls!

These girls have more energy than I do. Maggie (top) and Casey came to PAWS when their owner could no longer afford to keep them.

Maggie is about 10-years-old and Casey is about 9-years-old. But you'd never know it! These girls run and romp like puppies.

Casey is a Golden Retriever mix, and my best guess for Maggie is Lab/Border Collie mix (sometimes I see Trouper, my BC rescue, in her).

They make terrific cuddle buddies, too. People really shouldn't overlook senior dogs. They're housebroken, they know their manners, they appreciate human companionship, and they're past that nasty mouthy puppy stage. What more could you want?

Now this is how it SHOULD be!

Jake is a Lab who found his forever home after a short stay at PAWS.

This is a picture his new family sent after a recent trip to New Hampshire. All dogs should be this lucky!!

Goodbye, sweet Memphis

Our good friend Memphis passed over the Rainbow Bridge this week.

This gentle giant came to PAWS after his owners could no longer care for him. And we mean GIANT.

In no time, Memphis found a family with young children and off they went. What a happy ending! The kids just loved their little pony - er, dog - beyond words. The family sent the most wonderful Christmas card, and yes, Memphis almost dwarfed the tree, he was that big.

Memphis was nothing but love, wrapped up in a great, big package. His smile in this picture says it all. And so does the little boy's.

We'll all miss this big bundle of warmth. 'Bye old pal.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Now here's a great dog! Daniella is about five years old, and is such a mellow pup. She loves people and other dogs, and seems to be happiest just cuddling or looking out the window.

Daniella is one of those dogs who would be perfect in any home - small children, elderly folks, people who are new to having a dog - she just fits in anywhere. There's not a mean bone in her body! I just love this little girl!

Daniella is already spayed, weighs 22 lbs, and is up-to-date on her vaccinations.

Ruth & Viper

Ruth and Viper are PennMaryDel Foxhounds and they're absolutely beautiful creatures. They came to PAWS just before the New Year with their companion, Valor, who has since been adopted.

Ruth is painfully shy, but is slowly coming out of her shell. Viper is also very shy, but is more outgoing than Ruth. He'll actually welcome you at the door to their room by jumping up and waiting for a pat on the head. Ruth will wait in the back ground, an if she recognizes you, she'll give a wag of the tail. If not, she'll shrink back and look away.

It's a shame we can't read their minds. To know their background would help us solve so many mysteries about these gentle giants. They need to be placed together, and in a home without another dog. They also need a quiet home with someone who will be very patient and loving, and can wait for them to blossom on their own terms. Believe me, it's worth the wait!


Venus is such a love! She came to PAWS from Norwalk Animal Control, where she was never claimed by her owners. She needed emergency surgery for bladder stones so PAWS stepped in.

What a honey she is! She is a practiced cuddler, loves people, and enjoys going for walks. From what I've seen, she's great with older children, but can be overwhelmed when too many younger kids are "in her face." But then again, I'm the same way...

Venus is about six-years-old, weighs about 12 lbs, and is up-to-date on her vaccinations.

UPDATE: Venus finds a wonderful forever home!

Sweet Pea

One of our volunteers saved Sweet Pea from wandering the streets one freezing cold night. Her coat was dull and patchy and she was horribly thin and undernourished. Her skin was bright red, almost frostbitten. How long had she been out in the bitter cold, wandering, looking for food and shelter?

Sweet Pea is a playful young lady who probably didn't have much of a puppyhood. She absolutely loves human companionship. I love the way she looks at me. It's as if she's asking what we're going to do... Play with a ball? Go for a walk? Just cuddle? She'll happily do all of these things. She seems to like some other dogs, so it's a possibility that she'll be able to go to a home with another canine friend, which would be great.

Whomever adopts this beauty is one lucky person. They'll be getting a companion who will practically worship the ground they walk on!

Sweet Pea is about two-years-old, weighs about 44 lbs, and is up-to-date on her vaccinations.
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