Friday, October 30, 2009

A Very Special Girl Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Sadie spent a long five years at PAWS waiting for a special family to adopt her. She didn't like everyone she met, and not everyone liked her. She was, after all, a Pit Bull, and with that label came all of the negativity one could imagine. It was not deserved, not one bit, but if you couldn't get past the stereotype of the Pit Bull, you wouldn't get to know and love Sadie, and you were missing out on the chance of a lifetime.
But for those of us who don't judge a dog by their cover, we could look into her golden eyes and see the girl for who she was, and we received a very special gift. We knew a loving, sweetheart of a dog, a girl who loved to cuddle and smooch, who loved her walks, and who actually loved everyone she met.

Sadie was eventually adopted by a volunteer who could no longer resist her charms, and she couldn't have found a more wonderful and loving home.

Elisa and Lou spoiled Sadie beyond words. They took her on vacation, making sure they only booked at hotels that would accept dogs. They prepared special food - chicken or salmon - every night for Sadie. They had get-togethers for the Sadie Fan Club. But most importantly, they coddled and loved her through her chemotherapy treatments, fretting whenever she was sick and celebrating the days she felt good.

Each and every day Elisa, Lou, and Sadie had together was a blessing. I think Sadie would agree that a few years in a shelter was worth the wait for the time she had with her amazing mom and dad.

We love you Sadie; we'll miss you very, very much.  (Photos: Oda Erstling)

Monday, October 26, 2009

PAWS Dogs Attend National Pit Bull Awareness Day in New Haven

I was fortunate enough to spend the day with several of the PAWS dogs and some wonderful volunteers at the third annual celebration of National Pit Bull Awareness Day on Saturday, October 24 at Edgerton Park in New Haven, CT.

Bikers Against Animal Cruelty (BAAC) is one of the many sponsors of this yearly event. The purpose is to enlighten the public about Pit Bulls and what wonderful pets they can be. I just love this event because I'm not faced with the usual "I'm interested in adopting anything but a Pit Bull," so it's kind of refreshing to me.

North Shore Animal League lent us one of their units and a very cool driver (Hank) who made the day a piece of cake for us. We loaded the bus with nine of our furry friends - Skipper, Casey and Gizmo, Leo, Max, Bullet, Blue, Vendi, and Ichigo.

I tried, really, really tried to get Slinky on the bus, but he just flat out refused. Sweet Pea jumped on, jumped into her cage, and wouldn't stop jumping, so we decided it was best to leave her at the shelter. Everyone else rode up to New Haven in peace and quiet and had a fun day out!

There were so many gorgeous Pit Bulls from large to small, brindle to pure white. I was in hog heaven. But The best part wasn't that I got to spend the day with a bunch of dog lovers who understand it when you coo over their dogs. The best part was that I got to spend the day with a bunch of fellow Pit Bull lovers, who not only understand it when you coo over their dogs, but they understand why. And they love the fact that you're not afraid of their dog. Pictures of the day.

All in all, Vendi was the queen of the prom, paws down, and Blue was first runner-up. Hey, it was a Pit Bull event!

Friday, October 23, 2009


How often do you see a Treeing Walker Coonhound? Now, how often do you see one in a shelter?

I'm telling you, you don't have to go to breeders or pet shops anymore. We've been seeing every breed imaginable lately. From Siberian Huskies to Pugs to Pomeranians to... well, Treeing Walker Coonhounds.

Meet Skipper, TWC extraordinaire! Shy at first, this boy will blow you away with his sweet and gentle nature, and his playful, frisky side. He's just gorgeous, and I'm sure he won't last long!


"Mean. Vicious. They attack for no reason."

It's what people, fueled by the media, say about Pit Bulls. Well, sweet Hannah apparently didn't get the memo!

This girl is a playful puppy who was rescued at the eleventh hour from Hartford Animal Control. Many thanks to the volunteers who rallied to save her from being put down!

Because this girl is going to make an excellent companion for someone. She seems to get along with other dogs, but cats; well, not so much. She's a little overly fond of them, if you know what I mean!

Gus - Easy Come; Easy Go!

I know, I say this all of the time: "He's the sweetest dog to ever pass through the doors of PAWS..." But it's true! Gus is the sweetest dog to ever pass through our doors!

His owners left him with us because he wasn't housebroken. Hmmm... Not true; he seems just fine. He's got quite a bark, but he's under control when it comes to messing in the house.

News alert: YOU'VE GOTTA WATCH YOUR DOG FOR SIGNS WHEN THEY HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE. It's really very simple. If the dog doesn't have a physical problem like a bladder infection, or if they don't have Dirty Dog Syndrome, common in dogs BOUGHT FROM PET SHOPS, they really are fairly easy to housebreak IF YOU PAY ATTENTION TO THEM. Ahem. Pardon the screaming.

Anyway, back to Gus. Loves people, young and old. Loves other dogs; probably loves cats, ferrets, mice, hamsters, parrots, your big toe, celery - you get the idea.

Well, he lasted a really long two weeks. And a sweet gentleman adopted him. You can't even see Gus' tail wagging in the picture, it's going so fast!

Tell me, who has the bigger smile; Gus or the gent who adopted him?!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Visit from Peanut (aka Tucker)

Tucker (aka Peanut) came to us when his owner decided she just couldn't have him around anymore. This decision came after only a week of having THE cutest puppy.

He wasn't housetrained. Well, they don't come out of the box housetrained. And, if she took a moment from her busy schedule to bring him to the vet, she would have learned that he had an infection caused by a parasite and the poor little guy couldn't help himself. She obviously watches too much TV and expected perfection from the poor little thing from Day 1.

Well, lucky for this wonderful lady and her husband. They met Tucker and fell in love (I mean, who wouldn't??). Norfolk terriers are very expensive and rather rare. It was an absolute blessing for Tucker to have been given up because he met the family of his dreams!

Update - Ace Goes Home!

Ace found a great guy - or is it a great guy found Ace?! Ace is a special dog - very complicated because he knows what he wants. But once you get to know him, he's a regular cuddle bug. This man came in, spent some quality time with our quality Ace, and the rest is history!

Update - Max Goes Home!

The cutest furball on Earth has left the building. And his new mom must be someone very special, because Max was a rather particular fellow.

Just look how happy he is! Hugs and kisses to you, Max, and lots of happy, healthy years in your new home!
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