Friday, October 23, 2009

Gus - Easy Come; Easy Go!

I know, I say this all of the time: "He's the sweetest dog to ever pass through the doors of PAWS..." But it's true! Gus is the sweetest dog to ever pass through our doors!

His owners left him with us because he wasn't housebroken. Hmmm... Not true; he seems just fine. He's got quite a bark, but he's under control when it comes to messing in the house.

News alert: YOU'VE GOTTA WATCH YOUR DOG FOR SIGNS WHEN THEY HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE. It's really very simple. If the dog doesn't have a physical problem like a bladder infection, or if they don't have Dirty Dog Syndrome, common in dogs BOUGHT FROM PET SHOPS, they really are fairly easy to housebreak IF YOU PAY ATTENTION TO THEM. Ahem. Pardon the screaming.

Anyway, back to Gus. Loves people, young and old. Loves other dogs; probably loves cats, ferrets, mice, hamsters, parrots, your big toe, celery - you get the idea.

Well, he lasted a really long two weeks. And a sweet gentleman adopted him. You can't even see Gus' tail wagging in the picture, it's going so fast!

Tell me, who has the bigger smile; Gus or the gent who adopted him?!

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