Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adoption Update - Colby

Think they look just a little happy?

Colby found love with a great family, and I think his ear-to-ear grin tells it all! For some reason, I think there might be future arguments about whose lap Colby gets to sit on... :)

Adoption Update - Al

Al found a great home, and has been spotted around town at the dog park!

From what we hear, he's living the good life of belly rubs and long walks, visits to the beach and romps in the park. Good for you, Al!

Adoption Update - Charlie

This isn't a great picture, but you can still make out the smiles on Charlie's new family's faces!

Charlie was only at Paws for a couple of weeks, and he had a chance to slim down a little, find a home, and make a lot of people happy. (He's wearing an e-collar because he had just been neutered.)

You'll recall that he came to us after his human passed away, which is difficult for a dog, but Charlie didn't have to wait long to find love all over again!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Okay, so I have a really soft spot for this gal.

She was at Paws four years ago, and was then known as Ally. Her most recent owners had to give her up when they could no longer care for her.

I wish I could scoop up this love bug! Sadie is THE best cuddler in town.

She's a "petite" Pit Bull, small in stature, only about 45 lbs. But she's big on love. And can she smile!

Her red and white markings are stunning, and there's not much she wouldn't do to please you.

We think she might get along with some dogs, but an introduction would be necessary.

Sadie is about four-years-old, spayed, and up-to-date on all vaccinations. If you want a playful, yet cuddly pup, this is the girl for you!


Charlie is a chubby, handsome Cocker Spaniel who came to Paws after his owner passed away.

This four-year-old sweetie is now on a diet. :)   He likes friendly dogs, and gentle, quiet, youngsters.

As a chubster, Charlie would love to live the life of Couch Potato. But, a home with a little activity - a daily walk - would be best for this cuddly fellow!


Marvin's parents had to give him up when they decided that they could no longer care for him. They first adopted him from us when he was a four-month-old puppy.

He's now grown into a beautiful two-year-old Yellow Lab with an ear-to-ear grin! This boy needs some basic obedience training, and you'll have a great companion.

If you have the time to invest and you're looking for a great walking partner, Marvin could be The One!


Golden boy looking for a home!

Chico is a 4 1/2 year old Lab/Retriever mix, who is the gentlest boy in town. Sadly, he spent most of his life ignored in a back yard. But you'd never know it the way he showers you with love and affection when he greets you!

He's about 75 lbs., and he walks well on a leash. I think this boy would love a family so he can be the dog he never had a chance to be - toss a ball, cuddle, go for walks - that's what Chico would love!

Think you can be that home?


Yes, she is! Sweet as sugar, that is.

This little Maltese was given up by her owner who couldn't take her with her when she moved.

Sugar is a tiny gal, who really needs to gain some weight. She was a picky eater when she first came to the shelter, but now she's starting to eat a little better.

This sweetie would do best in a home with older children who understand that a small dog isn't a toy, probably ages 10+.

Sugar will be spayed next week, then she's ready to go!

Adoption Update - Ziggy

I had the pleasure of delivering Ziggy to his new home this past Monday. He now has a house of his own with fenced back yard, perfect for the Zigster to play and run around in.

Ziggy's new mom had a Pit Bull for about 12 years, and her son was only eight years old when that dog first came to live with them. As you can imagine, her loss hit them very hard.

Enter Zigster, and the smiles were back on their faces! Even Ziggy is smiling! Yeah, everyone is happy!
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