Friday, June 26, 2009

Adoption Update - Casey

There's nothing like leaving all the noise of the kennel behind and getting a good night's rest...

Casey has found her forever home and she's finally catching up on her sleep. But, Maggie is still waiting for her forever home.

I sure wish someone would consider this wonderful girl! They really don't know what they're missing.


Goofball alert!

Vendi came to PAWS when her owner decided she was just too much to handle. (NEWSFLASH: That's how puppies are!)

Vendi is about a year old, and is definitely all puppy. She's become the best playpal of Melody, and the two of them make the funniest couple!

If you've never seen a dog do a full body wiggle, you must, must, must see Vendi perform this feat. She will also cover you with kisses and flash her million-watt smile your way.

Vendi is probably best with kids over 7 since she'll wiggle smaller kids right out of a room. Other than her "offensive" wiggles, this playful, happy, silly pup is just perfect!
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