Friday, July 29, 2011

Fabulous Francois on Deck to Raise Money for PAWS!

When you're this handsome:

People can't help but fall in love with you! And believe me, Francois knows how to cash in on his beauty! (He steals belly rubs like I steal M&Ms.)

This sly fox dog has decided to put his good looks and gentlemanly charms to work to benefit his fellow pooches at PAWS!

Fabulous Francois has enrolled himself as a fundraiser in this year's Bark in the Park. (This isn't an easy task when you have paws and no thumbs, so I had to help him a little with the mouse.) His personal website will accept your secure donations to help raise funds for food, housing, and medical care for all of his doggy and kitty friends who are waiting for forever homes.

Won't you help Francois help his furry friends? Whisker kisses from Franky to you!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Casper Finds a Home

Casper, the goofy English Bulldog, has found a home!

It was important that he went to a home with people who are experienced with this breed (especially in this heat!). We can't tell you how many people wanted this fella, but some of the applications said things like "looking for jogging partner." Not the best form of exercise for this type of dog! Short-nosed breeds have trouble regulating their body temperature, so while they're playful and happy - and would probably love to run with you - it could be a fatal mistake. A leisurely stroll around the block is a much better idea!

Do you think these two will ever learn to love each other? :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Francois Needs A Friend!

And now's your chance! Go to his very own Facebook page and "friend" this gorgeous guy!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Incredible Adoptions!

OMD, what a week it's been. First, Yeller finds his forever home. Then a family comes in looking for the perfect Pit Bull. Yeah, we happen to have a few of those!!

This perfect lady's name is... VENDI, or Vendelicious, as I used to call her.

Vendi is a definite, bona fide goofball. Toss a Jolly Ball in the yard and off she goes - non-stop! She's a loving little bulldozer, too, who leans against you for ear scratches and looks at you with those big, golden eyes... And "smart" doesn't begin to describe this little lady!

The family who adopted Vendi this week had heard about her (who hasn't - hers is often the Face of PAWS and she appears on our Facebook page frequently), and wanted to meet her. They had recently lost both of their 15-year-old Pit Bulls and their Mastiff of 12 years. They had quite a void to fill and somehow they knew the perfect dog to fill it. VENDI!!

Picture this: Goofball dog, two fully fenced acres, older kids to play with... See where I'm going with this?  And I have to say the family is pretty lucky to add this gorgeous and loving piglet to their home, too!

Vendi came to Paws in 2009 when she was just 8 months old. An impulse purchase, her family just couldn't handle her in their small apartment. She's met many people, played with many dogs, and had many overnight visits with volunteers. But there aren't too many folks out there who can handle a dog with this much energy or have the experience we require when adopting a Pit Bull. So, she waited, and waited... Now we know why! This family with kids and two safe acres for romping, was in her future!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yeller - Adopted and Loving It!

Yeller has a new home AND doggy companion - he was adopted yesterday!

Yeller was overlooked for quite a while because of his age. He's only nine years old, but for some reason, that's old to people - everyone wants a younger dog or a puppy. Big mistake in many cases: In Yeller's case, a lot of people missed out on a great, all-around companion! Yeller gets along with other dogs, kids of all ages, can go to dog parks, baseball games - he's the perfect pooch gentleman.

Lily (l) and Yeller (r) sharing some quiet time together. 
And that's what his adopters and his new companion Lily learned when they met him. Lily had lost her doggy companion few months back, and had become very depressed, which often happens to dogs who lose their long-time canine friends. Lily is also an older dog, and she really needed a companion to keep her active.

When Yeller and Lily met, they hit it off immediately. After a foster weekend, it was clear that the two brought a new excitement into each other's lives, and it was a doggy love connection. Lily and Yeller's mom and dad say that she's a new dog, and it's as if Yeller has been a part of the family for years and years!

Smooches to you both and hugs to your new mom and dad for seeing the beautiful dog you really are, Yeller!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Cupcakes for a Cause

Do you LOVE cupcakes?

If you're anything like me, any dessert can be on the table, but if there are cupcakes, watch out! I turn into a cupcake-seeking missile. Do not get in my way.

Some of you may know PAWS ├╝ber volunteer Cathy Paukner. Cathy has dedicated many, many years to the feline side of PAWS, where she works with cats and serves as a Cat Adoption Counselor, matching cats and kittens to homes for a lifetime of love and companionship. What you might not know is that she's an extraordinary chef! She's the talented craftswoman behind the scrumptious hors d'oeuvres served at PAWS' events.

Cathy recently began a business called "Cupcakes for a Cause" where she offers her beautifully crafted delicious, yummy, amazing, luscious, mouthwatering cupcakes for sale and donates a portion of the proceeds to PAWS!

Her flavors range from the more simple (vanilla with vanilla buttercream) to the more exotic (espresso with mocha buttercream decorated with candied coffeebean and a sprinkling of cinnamon), and everything in-between. There are about 15 different selections on her cupcake menu right now. To name just a few:
Cuckoo for Coconut - Triple Coconut (Coconut Cupcake, Coconut Frosting dabbed with a sprinkling of toasted coconut) 
Whatz Up Doc – Carrot Cake Cupcake with Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting decorated with marzipan carrot and dusted with cinnamon
S’Mores for Me – Graham Cracker Crust topped with Chocolate Cupcake, Toasted Marshmallow Frosting dabbed with sprinkling of graham cracker crumbs
Going Bananas – (Bananas Foster) Banana Rum Pecan Cupcakes, Caramel Frosting drizzled with caramel sauce decorated with banana chip and sprinkling of chopped pecans 
Tiramisu – Vanilla Cupcake soaked with Coffee Syrup, Mascarpone Frosting decorated with ladyfinger and dabbed with dusting of cocoa
Each cupcake is adorned with an edible little paw print, an adorable signature element Cathy is using to remind people that the dessert they're enjoying is helping a local animal shelter.

About a week ago, I arrived at the shelter and headed back to the kitchen. The whole area was filled with the inviting aroma of maple syrup. Cathy had brought in a few dozen (yes, a few dozen!) of her "Moms Mapley" cupcakes for us to try. OMG. I was walking on clouds.

They were the most beautiful cupcakes I'd ever seen. (My Betty Crockers were never this pretty.) And, oh, the frosting. Oh, my heavens, the frosting. Maple buttercream with crushed toffee. A great way to start a day at the shelter!

If you're on Facebook, "Like" Cathy's Cupcakes for a Cause page here. For a full listing of cupcakes Cathy is currently offering, "Like" the PAWS Facebook page here, then you can access the Cupcakes for a Cause notes page with all the delicious details, pricing, and Cathy's contact info.

Summer is a time for celebrating. Cupcakes can only make it yummier!

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