Saturday, July 16, 2011

Incredible Adoptions!

OMD, what a week it's been. First, Yeller finds his forever home. Then a family comes in looking for the perfect Pit Bull. Yeah, we happen to have a few of those!!

This perfect lady's name is... VENDI, or Vendelicious, as I used to call her.

Vendi is a definite, bona fide goofball. Toss a Jolly Ball in the yard and off she goes - non-stop! She's a loving little bulldozer, too, who leans against you for ear scratches and looks at you with those big, golden eyes... And "smart" doesn't begin to describe this little lady!

The family who adopted Vendi this week had heard about her (who hasn't - hers is often the Face of PAWS and she appears on our Facebook page frequently), and wanted to meet her. They had recently lost both of their 15-year-old Pit Bulls and their Mastiff of 12 years. They had quite a void to fill and somehow they knew the perfect dog to fill it. VENDI!!

Picture this: Goofball dog, two fully fenced acres, older kids to play with... See where I'm going with this?  And I have to say the family is pretty lucky to add this gorgeous and loving piglet to their home, too!

Vendi came to Paws in 2009 when she was just 8 months old. An impulse purchase, her family just couldn't handle her in their small apartment. She's met many people, played with many dogs, and had many overnight visits with volunteers. But there aren't too many folks out there who can handle a dog with this much energy or have the experience we require when adopting a Pit Bull. So, she waited, and waited... Now we know why! This family with kids and two safe acres for romping, was in her future!

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Bark Of Love said...

All dogs deserve love and a good home!

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