Monday, December 28, 2009


Now here's a dog after my own heart.
Another of the Christmas Crew, Mindy is a petite (about 35-45 lbs.), 4-year-old, Pit Bull mix. This ginger girl is housebroken, she's a quiet dog, and she loves to cuddle. No arguments, no muzzle pushing or punching, no "me, me, me." She just likes to be in a room with you. That's it.

She loves to curl up next to you and just know that you're there with her. I think she feels very secure knowing that someone is next to her, and you know what? Knowing that she's next to you feels pretty darned good, too!

The first picture's a bit blurry, but the second one shows the absolute cuteness of her face.


This beautiful girl appears to be a Pit Bull/Spaniel mix, but it's anyone's guess. At first glance, her chocolate coat looks good enough to eat!

Gidget also arrived on December 24th, part of the Christmas Crew. She's got absolutely no manners, but we're going to work with her to change that! She needs to learn basic obedience and housebreaking. She's probably 8-10 months old, and is in excellent health.

Once Gidget learns her basics, she's going to be a great companion. This stunning girl is just looking to make someone very happy, and wants nothing but love and companionship for a lifetime!


Bandit is about a year old, and HOUSEBROKEN! This wiggle-head is so handsome, I can barely speak.

He also arrived at PAWS on December 24th, and was very easy to name. (With patches on both eyes, it was either Bandit or Raccoon... Bandit seems so much easier.)

Bandit is a smaller size, although he's on the skinny side right now. If he tops out at 55 lbs., I'd be surprised.

He's a Pit Bull Terrier, and he loves to play. He's a hoot to watch run, as he does the Scoot-Run, where he pulls his back legs under his butt. (Gotta see it to appreciate it.)

I think he might get along with other dogs, but we'll be testing him out in the coming days to be sure. I hope to get a better picture of him posted soon so you can appreciate his brindle spots! Or, you can come by PAWS to meet him!


Rudolph - what else do you name a little cutie who arrives on December 24th?

This Maltipoo is about 2 1/2 years old, and is housebroken. He's searching for a person who wants to spend all of their time with RUDY - RUDY - RUDY, as Rudy doesn't like to be left out of the conversation!

Mr. Rudy is a friendly, happy, energetic fellow, who is quick to escape from his kennel. He's an expert at the pirouette, and will happily demonstrate his ability for you over and over.

I doubt Rudy will have trouble finding a home - he's too charming!


Scooby is going to be a big boy, probably 75+ lbs., but, at 6-months-old, he already knows sit, down, and give paw! Not too bad for a young man who was abandoned with a neighbor a week before Christmas.

Scooby is a true mushball; he's a cuddler and so much fun to be with. He's got a gorgeous brindle coat - almost tiger-striped - and a black muzzle. He loves belly rubs, and looks at you with pure affection in his eyes, practically begging for attention.

A typical puppy, he'll need help with housebreaking, but since he already knows some of his commands, I think Scooby will be quick to learn!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Could This Be A PAWS Record?!

Six dogs were adopted yesterday - SIX! It was a wonderful day in so many ways.

Cooper, Dash, Deacon, little Yogi, and Harley & Grayson (together) found the perfect homes, and just in time for Christmas. The day was hectic, indeed, but full of smiles and laughter.

We wish each of these pooches all the best in their new homes and thank their new moms, dads, and siblings (two- and four-legged!) for choosing to adopt a pet and give them a second chance at love!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Adoption Update - Blue

Blue has left the building! And what a sendoff she had. It's not like she had a fan club or anything... but you couldn't squeeze another person into the lobby if you tried! And, if she wiggled any more, she would have been the new hula-hoop world champion!

I don't think Blue could have found a better dad; this picture says it all.

We love you Bluesy!

There's a Rumor Floating About...

... that Blue might have found THE perfect home...

And, she might leave for that home today...

Adoption Update - Slinky

I'm dancin' like a fool! My Slinks is going home tomorrow, and I couldn't be happier!

One of our volunteers has decided that the Slink-man is for her. She lost her beloved Pit Bull a few months back, and after bonding with Slinky - I mean, who couldn't? - she decided that her home was a little lonely and could use a big red dog to liven things up.

You be a good great boy, Slinky. And tell your new mom to send lots of pictures and bring you in for visits! I love you, Slinks!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Update - Ellie goes home!

Remember beautiful Ellie? Well, she found the home of her dreams. A lovely couple came in, saw her, and (like the rest of us) fell in love!

We're so happy for Ellie. She deserves the kindest of homes and, by golly, she found it!


Yogi, a Cairn Poo, is new to PAWS. Not sure why anyone would leave such a sweet and playful fellow behind, but often people do.

Yogi is just 10 months old and has HUUUUUGE black eyes - pools of ink, really.

I've never heard of a Cairn Poo. In my days, when a Cairn Terrier and a Poodle mated, they had mutts. Loveable and cute mutts, but they were mutts. Today, they're pricey designer dogs that everyone has to have.

Well, I would just “have to have” this boy because he’s absolutely adorable and has a personality to match! I don’t need the designer label!  :-)

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