Monday, January 25, 2010


Can you say cute as a button? That's Midge!

This little squirt is a bundle of energy. We think she's got some Boston Terrier in her, but what else? Bulldog? Maybe. Tank? Probably!

She's a petite girl who's got a cute little snort. Midge is about six-months-old, and is working on her housebreaking. She's doing very well for a puppy in a shelter, too!

I can't imagine Midge sticking around too long. Too cute, too much fun, too adorable!

Adoption Update - Scooby

Scooby found a great forever home!

A wonderful young lady scooped up the Scoobs, and who could blame her? Our little monkey will have no lack of exercise and fun in his new home.

I knew this mushball wouldn't be at the shelter very long; he's too, well, mushy and squishy and lovable and friendly!

We love you Scooby!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Adoption Update - Yogi

Yogi went home with a great family - perfect for his energy level and sure to take great care of him for many years to come.

I think the young boy in the family was beside himself with joy, but I know Yogi was even more excited to learn he'd be cuddled and loved forever!

All the best to this wonderful family and our great little boy, Yogi!

Adoption Update - Rudy

Our little pirouetting Rudy found love in the arms of a lovely lady who appreciates his silly ways as much as we did!

Rudy wasn't able to leave until after his neuter, but his soon-to-be mom visited him regularly until she could take him home for good. Now that's love and one lucky dog!

Adoption Update - Gizmo & Casey

Unfortunately, we couldn't find a home to take Casey and Gizmo together, but we found the next best thing: TWO wonderful homes.

Gizmo found a great man to spend her life with. This gentle soul found another gentle soul and we're so happy for both of them! This was a match made in heaven.

And Gizmo's dad, Casey, also found a wonderful home with a young couple who were looking for a companion and Casey fit the bill.

We wish our two- and four-legged friends many years of happiness together! (And send pictures!)


A fitting name for a... small dog?? Well, yes indeed! Brutus lives up to his name in personality!

This little fellow, a Chihuahua mix, is about the cutest little guy in town. He is tiny, and a shy fella at first, but he's not nippy at all (some small dogs can be nippy). He loves to be held, but he also loves to walk (or I guess run, with those teeny little legs!) proudly by your side.

Brutus is about three years old and seems to like the company of smaller dogs; we're not sure of larger dogs just yet, but he doesn't seem reactive when he's walked by their cages.

With a personality like Brutus', I'm sure he won't be at PAWS for long!

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is a VERY energetic fellow! He's also a hoot to just watch as he keeps himself entertained. Charlie has a crazy dance that he does where he lifts his front foot then seems to discover it, almost as if he didn't know it was there - left, right, left, right... I'm sure this could go on for quite some time!

Mr. C is a Chihuahua mix, about two years old and will be neutered soon. He's was a bit mouthy when he first came in, but he seems to be calming down nicely. What he really needs is a fenced in yard where he can burn off some of his energy, then he'd settle down nicely inside. He does seem to do well with dogs of his size; we don't know about larger ones.

This goofy guy won't last long - he's too entertaining!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Adoption Update - Donna

I don't know if I ever wrote about our sweet girl Donna.

Donna came to us when her owner could no longer care for her. She had laryngeal paralysis, which meant she had to have tie-back surgery in order to get enough oxygen into her system. PAWS provided this life-altering surgery for Donna, and this amazing dog pulled through with flying colors.

At 9-years-young, Donna outshines many dogs in her energy and playfulness! She often played with other dogs at PAWS. She also gets along with cats and loves children. She's just one of those great, all-around pets that people are always looking for. But, her special needs were a barrier to every family who considered her for adoption.

Because of her tie-back surgery, Donna needs to be hand-fed for the rest of her life. This is to prevent any food from being inhaled into her lungs, causing an infection. (It takes literally five minutes to feed her twice a day.) She also needs to be kept cool in very hot, humid weather, and she can't go in pools or lakes (again to keep water from entering her lungs). Not really a big deal.

Well, on Saturday, Donna hit the jackpot. A wonderful couple came in with their 13-year-old Shep/Collie mix. One of the women works with horses, who are apparently prone to laryngeal paralysis, so she was very familiar with the condition. Both are fans of older dogs, and they wanted a companion for their current dog. They had originally stopped in to meet Zoe, our 17-year-old Pit Bull mix, but she wouldn't have been a good fit for their current living situation. So... What about Donna??

Bingo! A love match! They met Donna and loved her; Donna and their dog met and all went well - the rest is history!

Donna now has a future of tennis balls, playing with her new brother, and visits to a horse farm!

We love you Donna!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Adoption Update - Mindy

Not even a week at the shelter and Mindy has found a forever home! Not bad - from the pound to beloved pet in less than seven days. I love happy endings!
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