Monday, January 18, 2010

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is a VERY energetic fellow! He's also a hoot to just watch as he keeps himself entertained. Charlie has a crazy dance that he does where he lifts his front foot then seems to discover it, almost as if he didn't know it was there - left, right, left, right... I'm sure this could go on for quite some time!

Mr. C is a Chihuahua mix, about two years old and will be neutered soon. He's was a bit mouthy when he first came in, but he seems to be calming down nicely. What he really needs is a fenced in yard where he can burn off some of his energy, then he'd settle down nicely inside. He does seem to do well with dogs of his size; we don't know about larger ones.

This goofy guy won't last long - he's too entertaining!

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