Monday, December 28, 2009


Bandit is about a year old, and HOUSEBROKEN! This wiggle-head is so handsome, I can barely speak.

He also arrived at PAWS on December 24th, and was very easy to name. (With patches on both eyes, it was either Bandit or Raccoon... Bandit seems so much easier.)

Bandit is a smaller size, although he's on the skinny side right now. If he tops out at 55 lbs., I'd be surprised.

He's a Pit Bull Terrier, and he loves to play. He's a hoot to watch run, as he does the Scoot-Run, where he pulls his back legs under his butt. (Gotta see it to appreciate it.)

I think he might get along with other dogs, but we'll be testing him out in the coming days to be sure. I hope to get a better picture of him posted soon so you can appreciate his brindle spots! Or, you can come by PAWS to meet him!

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