Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Visit from Peanut (aka Tucker)

Tucker (aka Peanut) came to us when his owner decided she just couldn't have him around anymore. This decision came after only a week of having THE cutest puppy.

He wasn't housetrained. Well, they don't come out of the box housetrained. And, if she took a moment from her busy schedule to bring him to the vet, she would have learned that he had an infection caused by a parasite and the poor little guy couldn't help himself. She obviously watches too much TV and expected perfection from the poor little thing from Day 1.

Well, lucky for this wonderful lady and her husband. They met Tucker and fell in love (I mean, who wouldn't??). Norfolk terriers are very expensive and rather rare. It was an absolute blessing for Tucker to have been given up because he met the family of his dreams!


Anonymous said...

awww all three of them are very lucky to have found good homes!

meowmeowmans said...

I just love a happy ending! Yay for Peanut and his new family! :)

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