Friday, October 30, 2009

A Very Special Girl Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Sadie spent a long five years at PAWS waiting for a special family to adopt her. She didn't like everyone she met, and not everyone liked her. She was, after all, a Pit Bull, and with that label came all of the negativity one could imagine. It was not deserved, not one bit, but if you couldn't get past the stereotype of the Pit Bull, you wouldn't get to know and love Sadie, and you were missing out on the chance of a lifetime.
But for those of us who don't judge a dog by their cover, we could look into her golden eyes and see the girl for who she was, and we received a very special gift. We knew a loving, sweetheart of a dog, a girl who loved to cuddle and smooch, who loved her walks, and who actually loved everyone she met.

Sadie was eventually adopted by a volunteer who could no longer resist her charms, and she couldn't have found a more wonderful and loving home.

Elisa and Lou spoiled Sadie beyond words. They took her on vacation, making sure they only booked at hotels that would accept dogs. They prepared special food - chicken or salmon - every night for Sadie. They had get-togethers for the Sadie Fan Club. But most importantly, they coddled and loved her through her chemotherapy treatments, fretting whenever she was sick and celebrating the days she felt good.

Each and every day Elisa, Lou, and Sadie had together was a blessing. I think Sadie would agree that a few years in a shelter was worth the wait for the time she had with her amazing mom and dad.

We love you Sadie; we'll miss you very, very much.  (Photos: Oda Erstling)


Arlene said...

So so sorry about Sadie. My dog is also a rescue dog and she is 10 and I love her with all my heart.

PAWSVolunteer said...

Kev and I were so sad to hear about Sadie's passing. May she live on over Rainbow Bridge, until the day we will all be reunited with the pets we loved and lost.

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