Monday, April 27, 2009

Adoption Update - BP

BP, now Lola, came to us as a puppy - a snuggly, playful, crazy little puppy. She's now three years old and 60 lbs.!

Here's an update from her parents:

Well, Lola just turned 3 on April 1st. She's about 60 pounds of chiseled muscle like steel and very healthy.

She's a mush ball with people - can't get enough of people! She is simply beautiful and beyond adorable.

She had a professional trainer for about 9 months (or maybe it was us who got trained!). (He even said she could be a therapy dog with adults). She still plays with multiple balls at a time, and gets 2 tennis balls in her mouth. She has become quite adept at using her paws much like soccer. Lola believes her balls are alive!

She is brilliant. Has a very large vocabulary and sensitive to human emotions
She also loves running, jumping, tugging, pulling, digging... all the usual dog stuff. (we're thinking about putting in an obstacle course for her.)

Some noteworthy achievements:
She's a jumper: she can jump from standing position up to 7 feet in the air.
Excellent watch dog - very alert.
A total diva. Also a tomboy. No fear whatsoever. But doesn't like to be alone too much.
Sleeps with us in our bed.
She lives with us on our new farm with 15 acres. No fear of the critters (deer, coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, etc.). Naturally, she does not like them on her property.
Lola also goes everywhere with my husband, who is retired. So, she is with him every day, all day.
Lola is also known for stopping cars and getting beeped at. People spontaneously call out "what a beautiful and cute dog" or "Hi, Lola. How are you? Sometimes I think she has more friends than we do.


How I LOVE happy endings!

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