Friday, June 24, 2011

Why is this dog constantly overlooked?!

Apple. Sweet, never tart! Sorry, I couldn't resist. 

Apple has been at PAWS far too long. And why, I just don't know.

This dog is the perfect companion. He's an office dog at PAWS, which means a few things: He can be trusted not to pull things from the desk, he's perfectly housebroken, AND he doesn't use the computer to visit inappropriate sites! Not too bad for a four-legger. Imagine him in your home. You can leave him for the day, he'll settle nicely, then greet you at the door with love and kisses when you return from a long day at work. Perfection on four paws!

It's true, he doesn't like other animals. As a matter of fact, he doesn't like them at all. So he has to be your one and only pet. You cannot take him to dog parks (which are over-rated in Apple's opinion anyway). But, he does like a nice long walk, a car ride, playing and running in a fenced back yard, and a snuggle - man, can this dog snuggle. He's a dream of a companion - loving and loyal!

In the office at PAWS, he lies at your feet quietly and either rests or plays with a toy. He's really the perfect pet! NO demands, NO destruction of your "stuff," NO constant barking or whining.

So tell me. Why is Apple constantly overlooked? He's perfect, in my opinion!

Apply to adopt Apple.


jen said...

I'm finding in our local shelter, anything that remotely looks like a shepherd mix gets completely overlooked. Even the black lab mixes get adopted first!

it's strange, I don't know why, but I see it too.

Hally McGehean said...

I always can't wait to spend time with Apple when I come to PAWS. He is a very special dog who would make someone super happy!

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