Thursday, August 17, 2017

Soul Sisters! PAWS' Alum, Blair (formerly Raja), pictured with her new canine best friend, Autumn. These girls may seem somewhat like opposites, but they are actually perfect together! Blair may be small, but she has been a powerhouse in terms of calming her sister and helping her with some aging-related issues. Blair's family had been looking for a lovable lap dog, but hadn't imagined themselves with a chihuahua. They were willing to keep an open mind and meet Blair. Blair and her new human best friend are now connected at the hip! We at PAWS, take great pride in the time and thought we put into matching each dog with their adopters. We think it results in opening up possibilities for everyone and some really amazing happy endings! Happy tails, Blair! #dogsofpawsct #alumni #PAWS #norwalk #ct #rescuedogs #adoptdontshop #savealife #rescue #thankyou #nonprofit

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