Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Seriously. Cute. Puppy.

This is Chelsea, a four-month-old puppy who has more applications in on her than the Federal Reserve has dollar bills. No, seriously. We have no idea what she is - terrier mix? French Bulldog on steroids? Incredibly cute and sweet, charcoal-colored puppy who's sure to steal your heart? Yeah, that's it!

This adorable girl is learning all of her puppy skills: Housebreaking, basic obedience, leash walking - but what she really loves is playing in the yard with her doggy friends at PAWS.

Chelsea is vaccinated and micro-chipped and will be available once she's been spayed.


haopee said...

Wow, Chelsea looks like a doll. Her fur color... is that grey-ish? It sure looks pretty.

I hope she gets adopted soon...although I doubt I'd need to hope much. I bet someone would fall in love with her cute looks the moment she's available.

Huggies and Cheese,


Bicontinental Dachshund said...

Dear Chelsea,

You'll soon find your furever home and they'll adore you!

Keep on wagging,

meowmeowmans said...

Chelsea is even MORE adorable in person. How is that even possible?! But seriously ... she is! :)

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