Thursday, February 23, 2012

Have You Been Judging Books By Their Covers?

Sweet Pea
PAWS was fortunate to host representatives of Animal Farm Foundation this week for a special seminar on "Turbo-charging Your "Pit Bull" Dog Adoptions." I learned so many FACTS today about pit bull dogs that I didn't previously know - including the fact that the term "pit bull" has no true definition.

The fact is that 75% of shelter dogs are mixed-breeds. Further, studies have found that when shelters staff guess the breed of their dogs, they are wrong 75% of the time (J Appl Animal Welfare Sci, 2009). Of course, it's impossible for shelters to afford DNA testing of their dogs. But even if they could, "pit bull" isn't a "breed," so it wouldn't be detected in a test. A DNA test may detect a breed match for an American Staffordshire Terrier, but "pit bull" is not a breed and therefore cannot be identified. MARS, maker of the Wisdom panel DNA test states that "the term "pit bull"does not refer to a single or recognized breed of dog, but rather to a genetically diverse group of dogs." We used to call these dogs "mutts." Heinz 57s. Or simply, dogs. Why do we label them "pit bulls" now?


So... That lonely dog in the shelter? Look at him as an individual, a dog, a potential best friend. Don't judge him based on stereotypes and preconceptions. You might be missing out on the best, most loyal friend you ever met.

If you're wondering whether a "pit bull" dog is right for you, take a look at this video from AFF and see how "pit bull" dogs are just part of the family!

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Asta said...

I looooove pitties..they awqe sweet and have the bestest smile and awe loving and loyal..if I could adopt, I would go fow one in a heawtbeat
I love youw photogwaphs
smoochie kisses

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