Sunday, April 15, 2012

Doc, Moby, and Francois Take A Walk

This video is adorable and shows three of our bully breeds in action. I get a chuckle every time I watch it, knowing the hijinks these three can get up to. Many thanks to Janice D., a fantastic volunteer and photographer for letting me post the video here. (She apologizes for the quality; apparently it was a cloudy evening so the video is a little darker and grainier than she'd like. I think it's great and it's still a lot of fun to watch!)

Moby is the white English Bulldog on the left and he's been at PAWS since January. Doc is in the middle. He's a Pit Bull/Boxer mix who came to us two years ago as a very ill puppy. And Francois is on the right. He's a Pit Bull/Mastiff mix who was abandoned at PAWS almost three years ago. They're each amazingly strong and it's a testament to the training and structure they've received at PAWS as you see how wonderfully they behave on leash now for the three ladies walking them.



meowmeowmans said...

Awesome. Just awesome! The dog volunteers at PAWS are amazing, and the love they give these lucky dogs is truly transformative. :)

haopee said...

Good Job, PAWS volunteers.

Those guys look happy to take their walks. Doc seems to be excited that he gets to spend time with Moby and Francois.

I was LOL-ing at the music used on the video.

Liza Bedoya said...

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