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Looking for A Temporary Resting Place! Azele is a 2 year old German Shepherd that recently came to PAWS with her 3 week old puppy, Tulip. Azele can be timid and hand shy at first, but comes around quickly and is a complete doll. She is smart, attentive and really bonds with her people. Her pup, Tulip, is sweet and active. She has started solid foods and is being weaned from her Mom. We are looking for a temporary foster for both for at least a few weeks. We have not paired Azele with other dogs yet, and she is a doting Mom who can be quite concerned about her pup. For that reason, they may do best in a home without other dogs or one where they can reliably be kept separate. We are looking for an experienced dog family who can give Azele just a little time to come around and has some knowledge of younger puppies. If you currently have some time on your hands and want to provide a safe and loving environment for Azele and Tulip, please email PAWS will provide all medical care and supplies during the foster period. We are not accepting adoption applications at this time. Please like and share to help Azele and Tulip find their foster home♥ #LookingForaTemporaryRestingPlace #FosterFamily #Azele #Tulip #Springtime #DogsofPawsCt #PuppiesofPawsCt

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